Meet Pete Dinosaur Hire

Andy Hutchinson

We are a family owned and run business, centrally located in North Lincolnshire.
Our aim is to try and bring a little excitement and fun into people’s lives and in the process, make enough profit to cover our costs and grow our business through innovative and continuous investment.
Whilst we are professional at all times you will always get that personal touch as we work hard with you to deliver an experience you and your clients will never forget.

Guaranteed to bring a WOW to your event with superb life-like and life-sized puppetry

• Appeals to all types of audiences

• Proven to increase footfall and attendance to your event

• Not just a walkabout! Our presenters are engaging and interactive, providing educational and fun facts about the subject

• Can be themed to suit your event – Dinos, Dragons or Fairytale

• We get your business noticed, great PR opportunities

• Fun and Entertaining

Please do send us an email with any enquiries you may have and we will endeavor to reply as quickly as we can.

Costs will vary according to the nature of the request and the distance.

Pete is a 4 meter long animatronic T-Rex dinosaur with a performer inside the suit operating eyes, mouth and roaring sounds from within. Both Flame, Pete, Pitch and Paul can emit smoke from their noses and their eyes illuminate for that added scare factor!