Do you want to develop your creative practice?


Last month we announced the opening of the Grimsby Creates Development Fund, open for creative, artistic, or cultural practices of clients of ours, Spark Grimsby, whose work is either based in North East Lincolnshire or impacts or has relevance to the area.

We recently hosted an informal question and answer session about the fund and as a result, we have created a guide to online resources for development opportunities that can help you to develop your creative practice: Online Resources for Developing Your Creative Practice

It is not an exhaustive list and the links do not cover all art forms or all creative practitioners. Some offer personal development/business skills development/leadership and management. Some involve taking out a membership that may provide public liability insurance for specific art forms, for example, a-n. Others require a fee per activity, some are free, many resource sections provide ideas/access to skills and learning/innovation, as well as “how to do this” sections.

To become a client of ours, simply complete our contact form or email us at and we can support and advise you through the application process.

For more details, eligibility, and how to apply, head to the Grimsby Creates website.

The first deadline is set at 14th December, after which the deadline will be the 14th of each month although we do urge you to apply as soon as you can and are ready.

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